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Will GTA 5 be released for PC?

Yes, almost sure! Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released on PC – whoever says that GTA V wont be released for the PC Platform knows nothing.  Just take a look at their Blog – they say that they have no about the PC Version of GTA V right now. But that doesnt mean that there will be no GTA V PC Version. Thats absolute nonsense, people should learn to read.  It means there are no Details yet – but thats all.

Rockstar knows that the PC market is is really big and why shouldnt they take the money of the PC gamers if the game is ready and just has to be ported to the Windows platform? It was the same when GTA 4 was released – it took them about half a year to rewrite the game for the new platform.

These rumors remind me of the gossip a few weeks ago where many game magazines said that GTA 5 will not be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 because it will only run on next generation consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. But since Rockstar announced the release for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in Spring – all of these rumous were crap. And so is the information that Grand Theft Auto V will not be released for PC. Just wait a little and Rockstar will announce the release – for sure. Almost. 🙂

Rockstar has released a trailer for GTA 5 early last year making fans around the globe buzz with antizipation for a new member of the GTA series. This time the game is set in the state of San Andreas, but compared to the former game GTA: San Andreas the map of the state has been utterly redesinged. So a new world can be expected with an even more intense atmosphere due to better graphics and sounds.

The GTA 5 PC Trailer 1:

In various articles it was written that the game will be launched on September the 17th 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. . However it has also been stated that Sony has bought the right to have the game released for PS3 before Xbox and PC. It has further been said that GTA 5 PC will come out about half a year  after the PS3 and Xbox editions. But in contrast to that the PC version is listed in for 59.99€ which makes it exactly 10€ cheaper than the PS3 and Xbox games.

It is a common notion that the previous GTA ( GTA 4 ) for PC was not very well developed. It had a lot of bugs in it that needed fixing. Numerous patches had to be downloaded and the harware requirements it made toward a gamers PC were very high. But Rockstar being the kind of organisation that learns from its mistakes this problem should have been taken care of and is not to be expected for the upcoming GTA 5.

GTA 5 PC Advantage?

One advantage the PC version of GTA IV had compared to the PS3 and Xbox ones was that you could download patch to listen to your own music while handeling a motor vehicle inside the game. This was useful since the soundtrack of GTA 4 didn’t make a lot of fans. The dialogoues were considered amusing as usual, but the rest of the radio programme wasn’t. ( the music ) Then again Rockstar being the kind that learn from mistakes they’ve propably made a more careful choice of tunes. In case one feels disappointed by the soundtrack of GTA 5 there will sure be another patch to install in order to listen to the music one does like. If some content might be blocked in your country, you can easily unblock it with a VPN for PC.

Since the game is set in San Andreas again some of the known radio stations will surely be included only with a new programme. There could be a new country station ( KRose ) and depending on the year it is set in ( the trailer makes it seem like it is set in the current year ) there should be a classic rock station ( K-DST ) and a station playing electronic music ( SF-UR ) with again highly amusing conversations and statements between the music. This should be the case for the PC version as well as the PS3 Version and GTA 5 Xbox 360.

One positive aspect gamers see in the GTA 5 PC edition is that you can chose to either play it with keyboard and mouse ( more accurate aiming ) or plug in a controller and play the game that way. There are controllers available for PC that are an emulation of the PS3 controller.